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Chauncy Welliver Interview

Fighting against Oliander Solis on the under card of Vitali Klitschko vs. Sam Peter on October 11th, Chauncy Welliver had a few words recently with Craig Hardie:

Craig Hardie: Hey Chauncy, hows things man? It's been just over a month since you captured the New Zealand Heavyweight Title, can you tell us what you have been up lately?

Chauncy Welliver: It felt great winning the New Zealand title, and I look forward to defending it many times. A Kiwis, line up!

CH: I hear you have some big news regarding an upcoming fight, can you tell us a little about it?

CW: I got the big one! I'm fighting Odlanier Solis October 11 on the Sam Peter vs. Vitali Klitschko main support. I feel good about this fight as I have been sparring with Shane Cameron who is one of the best punchers to the body in the division, and that is Solis' main attribute.

CH: Wow fantastic news, It's obviously a massive opportunity for you, a case could be made that Solis is perhaps one of the biggest fights in the division right now, factor in the WBC International title and its a fight that will help shape the current heavyweight landscape do you agree?

CW: Anytime you get 2 fighters willing to take the next step, it's good for the division, good for our sport, and the beauty is, me and Solis are fighters, not boxers, so this is going to be a barnburner!

CH: I know you probably don't want to give to much away, however Solis's strengths are no secret, how do you plan on neutralising these and maximising your own strengths?

CW: He's a great body puncher with fast hands. I'm gonna take away both by smothering him and thinking he might get tired in the later rounds.

CH: Solis has never seen rounds 9 through 12, it would seem obvious you'd want to take him there and test his wind. Having said that, chances are the fight may go the distance, are you worried about the German officials and the fact the fights being staged in Germany, and you may not get a fair deal?

CW: All I can do is my best and hopefully the officials give the right man the win... And that man will be me!

CH: Moving away from the Solis fight just for a second, I know a lot of New Zealand and Australian fans want to know the answer to this. Given your huge following in Australasia, especially New Zealand does it bug you that fighters like Solomon Haumono, John Hopoate, Nathan Briggs etc consistently dodge you?

CW: I don't think they dodge me, I just think they're very smart men in not fighting me. I'm down to fight them, and one day the fights will happen.

CH: Now it would only be right that we get a prediction from you for the Samuel Peter VS Vitali Klitschko fight. Who are you going with and why?

CW: I just think the layoff is too much for Vitali, and Peter will make him quit somewhere along the line with some sort of injury.

CH: With Vitali's return, your fight with Solis, Virchis VS Gomez, Haye VS Barrett, Brewster back in the mix and guys like Arreola, Povetkin, Dimintrenko, Johnson, Platov, Estrada etc coming through and the likes of Toney, Rahman, Maskaev, Chagaev, Golota still on the scene not to mention the current champs W. Klitschko and Valuev, do you think the Heavyweight division may just be starting to heat up again?

CW: I really hope, but even with these fights happening, not many of them are happening in the US where the action is. The new hotspot is Germany, and I'm proud to be in the mix over there now. I hope I get the win her and keep moving forward. I win here pushes me to be one of the big boys in Australasia, and then I will want in on a Kiwi vs. Aussie showdown with Hoppa.

CH: Well its great to see guys like yourself being given such opportunities, without having the multi-million dollar promoters etc we wish you all the best in your upcoming fight with Odlanier Solis any last words for you fans?

CW: This is my first fight where I will be seen and I want to make a statement, so everybody who can, check me out October 11. It's make or break for the "Fat Dorky White Guy"


Solis vs Weliver

On the undercard of the WBC heavyweight championship fight on October 11th between WBC emeritus champion Vitali Klitschko and current WBC chamion Samuel Peter, up-and-coming heavyweights Chauncy Welliver (35(12 Ko's)-4-5) and Odlanier Solis (11(7 Ko's)-0-0) will square off. The fight will take place at the O2 World Arena in Berlin, Germany.

Klitschko Peter Germany Preview

This is a new German video from RTL that previews the fight between "Dr. Ironfist" Vitali Klitschko and the WBC heavyweight champion Samuel Peter. The video shows interviews of both fighters, training, and more. Go here to check it out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Adam Booth Interview

In this interview promoter Adam Booth is interviewed on Setanta Sports and confirms David "Hayemaker" Haye's next fight against 2-time heavyweight title contender Monte Barrett in November.

Gomez Defeats Virchis

In the WBC heavyweight title eliminator former WBC cruiserweight champion Juan Carlos Gomezb 44-1(35) beat Vladimir Virchis on Saturday night in Germany by unanimous decision. The judges scorecards read: judge: Guido Cavalleri 117-110 | judge: Alejandro Rochin Mapula 117-109 | judge: Sergio Silvi 115-111.

Gomez now awaits the winner of the October 11th WBC heavyweight championship fight between "Dr. Ironfist" Vitali Klitschko and Samuel "The Nightmare" Peter.

Wladimir Klitschko vs Monte Barrett Highlights

Since David Haye has been vocal on his desire to face current WBO/IBF/IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir "Steelhammer" Klitschko, and since Haye is planning to face Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett in November, I thought it would be appropriate to show some highlights of Wladimir's own experience in dealing with Monte Barrett.

The fight took place in London, England, where it is likely Wladimir might face Haye in the future, on July 15th, 2000. Wladimir won by 7th round TKO, but the fight should have been called much earlier.

Highlight Video 1

Highlight Video 2

Friday, September 26, 2008

Monte Barrett Interview

Ahead of his November 15th duel at the O2 Arena in Greenwich with David "Hayemaker" Haye 21-1 (20 KOs), Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett 34-6(20) was interviewed by James Slater and promises to beat up David.

James Slater: Firstly, Monte, congratulations on getting the fight you wanted with David Haye. Did you always think you'd get it, or did you think Haye would fight someone else instead?

Monte Barrett: First let me say thank you for congratulating me on getting the fight, and there will be congratulations for me, not just for getting the fight, but after I win it.
It looked shaky at one point, and I thought I had better tell my team and my promoter to start looking at other avenues, which they did. I thought Haye was just hype and not really sure of himself, but I kept the faith and I kept my focus and now, for whatever strange reason, he's taken the fight. I'm looking forward to coming over to England, I like the British fans and I know I have fans over there. This fight is an early Christmas present for me.

J.S: When will you start intense training for the fight?

M.B: I'm in training already. I'm 221-pounds right now and I'll come in at around 215-217 for the fight. I'm always in the gym. I don't abuse myself - I don't eat junk food and I don't do drugs. I look after myself. After the Tye Fields fight, where "Big Sky" ended up looking at the sky, I had one week off training, where I spent time with my kids - then I was right back in the gym. As for intense training, that will start on Monday, after my trainer Jimmy Glenn comes back from working the Shane Mosley fight on Saturday. I must say, right now, I'm in the best possible place I can be in my life. My relationship with my Dad and my kids is real good and I don't have any debts to worry about. My attitude is really good, I'm at a place where I'm hungry and I have a desperate attitude [to win fights]. It's called desperate measures. I'm going to beat the hell out of this guy come November!

J.S: Who will you be sparring with for Haye?

M.B: I'll get two strong guys, that's all I need. I have two good guys in mind. I actually boxed - I don't call the guys I box with sparring partners, they are fighters working with me and trying to help me get ready for a fight - yesterday. I was sparring with a Golden Gloves winner from last year. I hadn't been throwing my right hand at all, I was just using my left, but as soon as I threw the right one time I knocked him out. I felt bad about it as he's a friend, but he said to me, 'Monte, you're punching stronger and you're faster than ever." I can tell you, Haye is in a whole lot of trouble.

J.S: David Haye's manager/trainer, Adam Booth, said you are a guy who beats prospects, and that you are desperate and dangerous. Clearly they know how dangerous you are, but they've taken the fight with you. Have they made a big mistake?

M.B: I don't want to scare anybody, you know a fight is only a definite when we're both in the ring. I don't want David Haye hurting his ankle or something like that and getting scared away. But they have made a mistake, yes. But Haye has to show up, I'll be there and he better be.

J.S: Most people, the fans, seem to think it will be a short fight. Do you agree?

M.B: Yes, if the fans say it. I think it will be a short, explosive fight, and I will win inside 3 rounds. But if the fight goes past 3 rounds, Haye may have to retire from boxing because the beating he'll get will be so brutal. As I say, I'm starving and he's in real trouble. The last guy to knock him out (Carl Thompson) had a similar record to mine at 34-6 ( Thompson was actually 32-6), and he was a cruiserweight and he knocked him out. Now what's he going to do with a real heavyweight? Someone who's been in with world champions and who knows all there is to know about fighting?

J.S: Do you have any concerns that if the fight goes the distance you will get a bad decision against you, what with the fight taking place in England? I know you've been robbed before, in the fight with Joe Mesi.

M.B: That only happened with the Mesi fight because I allowed it to happen. I'm much more experienced now. There will only be one judge in England and that will be the referee. I'm not concerned about if the fight goes the distance, but even if it does, the amount of punishment he'll have received, when the referee looks at us both at the end of the fight, he won't be lifting Haye's hand - he'll be lifting him off the canvas!

J.S: How soon before the fight will you come to England?

M.B: Around two weeks before the fight. I'll be coming to London for a press conference soon.

J.S: Have you ever been face-to-face with Haye before?

M.B: Not at all. I've seen him fight one time and I liked his style. I'd never heard of him before and I never pay attention to a fighter unless I'm going to fight him. When I thought I would be fighting him I did my homework and learnt all about him. Beating him will put me in a good position. I don't plan on boxing for too much longer. I'll be one of the best commentators in the world in around five years time. I won't let the sport of boxing retire me, I will retire when I want to. I want to go out with a bang, after having fired all my bullets.

J.S: Assuming you beat Haye, what then, a world title fight? Do you plan on becoming champ before you retire?

M.B: Yes. Either Klitschko or Sam Peter, or the WBA champ, Valuev - I'm real comfortable fighting all those three guys. What I say is, I'm crawling right now, but by the time I get to one of those guys, after having beaten Haye, I'll be walking. Not because Haye is one of the best in the world, but after I beat him people will be knocking at my door. It's the T.V networks I'm looking at impressing.

J.S: When you say Klitschko, do you men Vitali, who fights Peter on October 11th, or do you mean you'd like a rematch with Wladimir?

M.B: Just so long as I become champ. I would like to fight [Wladimir] Klitschko again, because I know much more about him now. Sam Peter I could beat with my eyes closed. After I beat Fields I called out Peter and Chris Arreola - Arreola's people were scared to death of letting him in the ring with me. I like Sam Peter as a person, but I don't think he's anything special as a fighter.

J.S: It's been great speaking with you, Monte. I appreciate your time, I know you'll be doing a lot of interviews now that you have this fight coming up. Do you have any final prediction for November 15th?

: You're actually my first interview [whilst speaking on the Haye fight]. I don't really do that many these days. A fight is only won in the ring, it doesn't matter what you say beforehand. But as for my prediction - David Haye? No way!

I wouldn't be surprised if there is an upset brewing on this match-up. I think David would have a better chance against a heavyweight who isn't as quick and is not used to fighting someone with speed. Monte has speed, and being an experienced heavyweight could spell trouble for Dave.


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Klitschko Peter Team Interview

Ahead of their highly anticipated WBC title fight on October 11th at the O2 Arena in Hamburg, Germany, WBC emeritus champion Vitali Klitschko (35-2, 34 KOs ) and defending WBC heavyweight champion Samuel Peter (30-1, 23 KOs) and their respective teams were given an interview via a conference call....

Opening Comments...

Duva: I'd just like to say this fight has been a long time coming through all the BS and behind‑the‑scenes stuff leading up to this fight, it's finally here. It's finally here. And anybody that had any doubts that this fight was going to happen should put them away because this fight's going to happen on October 11th. I really believe it's going to be a classic heavyweight title fight.

The styles of these fighters doesn't ask for anything else. It's going to be a great fight. For the fans, it's going to be worth the wait. We're excited to be doing it together with Duva Boxing K2 Promotions, Don King. I'm looking forward to it and the fans should be looking forward to it.

I want to have Ivaylo Gotzev (Peter’s Manager) and Sam say a few words.

Gotzev: We've been residing for the last three weeks in Freiburg , Germany in Schwarzwald, which is the Black Forest . I can tell you for the past eight years that I've spent with Samuel, for every one of his fights, this is by far his best preparation.

This is going to be the best Samuel Peter ever. I can't wait. I'm so excited. This has been a tremendous camp for us, and I'm so proud of Samuel and Team Peter for doing their job and staying diligent to their work.

It's going to be an amazing night. I just want to let everyone know that we're in the Black Forest here, and Samuel has added a tremendous exercise to his routine, chopping on trees. For the past few days we've been running out of trees, so I hope Klitschko shows up and I hope he stands tall because that's what's going to happen to him, we’re going to chop up on him. That's all I can say.

Question: What city are you in in Austria ?

Gotzev: We're in Germany , south Germany , the city is Freiburg . It's the famous Black Forest , Schwarzwald. It's a tremendous town. It's a little town with a training sports university that's been very, very helpful to us. We're staying at a special hotel in the middle of the forest and we take on some special exercises.

McKinley: First of all, I'd like to say we've got a great training staff.

I'm looking forward to the fight myself because I know the style of the fight. This is going to be a great fight. Like they say in boxing, history repeats itself. I've seen this thing play out before with Holmes. When Mohammed Ali came out of retirement to take on a young champion Larry Holmes, you saw what happened then. When Larry Holmes came out of retirement to take on a young Mike Tyson, you saw what happened. What's happening right now is Vitali Klitschko is coming out of retirement to take on a young Samuel Peters.

The headline is going to read Murder She Wrote. There isn’t going to be any doubt about it. We'll get a knockout. We're not taking this guy lightly. That's why we came here early, because we know it's a dangerous fight and a good fight. But Samuel is a whole new Samuel Peters. We're looking forward to a great fight.

Loeffler: We're very excited at K2 Promotions to co‑promote the fight with Dino Duva of Duva Boxing with Don King Productions. This is going to be a great fight. It's really probably the best heavyweight matchup in quite a while where you have a proven champion in Samuel Peter, and then you have Vitali, who never lost his title in the ring, coming back.

Just to get to what Stacy was talking about, on our side we're looking at it more as a Mohammed Ali coming out of retirement, not retirement, but time off and beating George Foreman. I think that's the way we're looking at it. Vitali will come back to claim his title and prove that he's still a champion.

We're happy to work with SHOWTIME to broadcast this fight in the United States . But, one thing the press hasn't picked up, if Vitali wins it will be the first time in history where two brothers have held a heavyweight championship at the same time. That's a historical event from our side at K2 Promotions.

Boente: Hello, everybody. We are here at the training camp in the Austrian Alps, where we've been before. Wladimir trained here and Vitali has trained here a couple times a year in the last eight years. The conditions are wonderful. We have great sparring partners. Fritz Sdunek (Klitschko’s trainer) is very, very happy with the improvement.

Vitali is already absolutely ready and looking forward to the fight. The tickets sales are great. We had media day here yesterday, and today we had around 70 or 80 journalists over here. It was really great. It's a huge fight for everybody here in Europe, not only in Germany and Austria . We had teams from Croatia over here. Everybody in Europe is looking forward to a great event, especially because both fighters train over here. We all are looking forward to a great fight night.

Peter: I just want to thank God for everything and giving me an opportunity to redeem myself. It's been a short time, but now I’m the champion and I’m happy we put this fight back together right here in Germany .

I'm still the WBC heavyweight champion of the world. I don't know what gives him a right to step in my spotlight. We have a very big fight coming up on October 11th. I'm ready, ready to go. I've never given up on any fight. In 2001, I never stopped a fight. I thank God for that. Anybody who wants to fight Samuel Peter, I'm ready for you. But I don't know what gives him a right to step in my heavenly.

Klitschko: Good evening. Good afternoon everybody. I'm very happy to take part in this conference call. Right now, I am in Austria . The preparation has been going well and I have a very good sparring partner. He looks just like Samuel Peter. Some partners are a little bit bigger, some partners are a little smaller. Some are exactly the same. Actually, I have to order some new sparring partners because a couple of them can't spar anymore.

I feel great and I am very hungry for the fight. I took a break for three-and-a-half years and it was great time for me to recover. What I want to say is Samuel Peter, I'm so sorry, Samuel. You made a fight with Wladimir and Wladimir stopped you. You had to wait a couple of years to fight for world championship again. You grew and you are now at world champion. I have nothing against you, but I want to fight again for my title and take my title back.

Peter: I don't have anything against you, you know. I don't have anything in my heart against you.

Klitschko: After that you can talk and speak. I am very optimistic for the fight and all preparations are going well. This fight will be very interesting because in the ring will be two world champions.

I don't lose my title in a fight. I gave up my title three years ago. But now, I want my title back. I'm healthy right now and I don't want to underestimate Samuel Peter because he is a very strong fighter. I have followed his career and I know the fight will not be easy. It will be very, very interesting for everybody who buys the tickets, who will be in 02 in Berlin and for everyone watching the fight SHOWTIME. I know the fight will be seen in more than 100 countries around the world. It will be a real heavyweight fight between two world champions, because I'm the world champion, the champion who doesn't lose his title, and against active world champion Samuel Peter.

Question: Sam, do you have any concerns about fighting in Germany ?

Peter: This is great news. This is my dream. My dream is to fight in Germany because I've never been to Germany . I've heard about Germany for my entire career. I'm so happy. It's a great place to make history.

: Vitali, during this time off for you, due to the injuries, was there ever any doubt in your mind that you would be able to resume your boxing career? Is there added pressure on you to win this fight so you guys can make history?

Klitschko: You know what I very much appreciate that the president of the WBC give me a chance to fight for the world title. As it happens right now, Samuel Peters is the world champion and I'm happy to fight him. I've recovered 100 percent and I feel great. The injuries are in the past. I feel healthy and I don't think about it. I just look forward to the fight. I'm ready to show my performance inside the ring and I’m not worried about whether you will see the old or the new Vitali Klitschko.

Question: Vitali, when you finally got the okay or the approval from the doctor that you could fight again, how excited were you? What was your reaction?

Klitschko: I know my body well, better than some doctor. I feel great. I spent every day in the training gym and after that I go to the doctor. The doctor gave me a medication test and I got the green light from him. My coach gave me a training test, and I had an excellent result.

I don't think about problems. I feel great and I look forward.

Question: Vitali, how difficult was it to make that decision to step away from the sport?

Klitschko: To be honest, I didn’t want to step away from the sport, but after the injury to my knee they gave me two months to make the fight. After the operation, the doctors gave me six months. That's why I didn't have the chance. I didn't want to wait, if somebody wanted to take my title. I gave my title back and I announced my retirement.

But after a couple of years, and I decide that Wladimir was the strongest boxer in the heavyweight division. We’ve always we had a dream to be world champions together and to have all the titles held by Klitschkos. I spoke with my brother, I spoke with my trainer, with my friends, and decide to make my comeback back to the ring.

Question: How do you see the landscape, and do you think you have enough left in the tank to once again be the top guy in division?

Klitschko: If I had to say who is the strongest one, no question Wladimir is the strongest in the division. In my opinion the second strongest is Samuel Peter and just after that is (Rusan) Chagaev and (Nikolai) Valuev.

Question: My question was how do you feel physically? I know you feel 100 percent now. But do you feel that you still have enough left to be able to be one of the top guys in the division?

Klitschko: You know what, I can explain to you how good I feel, but it’s much more important to show it with a good performance.

Question: Do you think there's something that you could take away from the fight with Wladimir that you could take into the fight with Vitali?

Peter: Well, I'm getting ready for this. I don't take anything away from him (Wladimir). I know he (Wladimir) is the heavyweight champion, but I don't know who he beat to become heavyweight champion of the world. I just know that on October 11th I'll prove myself again.

Question: Why are you risking such a big fight without going in with a warm up beforehand.

Klitschko: I don't need to warm up for fights. I feel great. I passed all the tests with my coach, and after that we decide to fight Samuel Peter.

Question: You going to be suffering from any ring rust at all, Vitali?

Klitschko: Last year, I was ready to fight anyone. Anyone. Actually last year I wanted to fight (Jameel) McCline. But after my announcement, Samuel Peter made a big mistake to fight McCline. Actually, Peter was lucky to win the fight because he was very close to losing the fight by decision.

: Stacy McKinley, you said earlier that we're going to see a new Samuel Peter. Could you explain a little bit about that what you meant by that?

McKinley: I was listening to what Vitali was saying by trying to make a comparison with the Jameel McCline fight. I don't think he saw the last fight when Samuel actually went and won the title. You saw a different fighter in Samuel Peter. You saw different skills. His defense was better. He had better upper body movement. The whole nine yards.

Emanuel Steward says this guy is a Class A fighter now. Since that particular fight, I went to Africa with Samuel, went back home to Nigeria . I went with him to make sure that we trained and kept honing our skills. We've been training for about five months for this fight. Right now you're looking at a totally different fighter. This fighter has been in training camp for a good solid five weeks in Germany where he's going to be fighting. Most American fighters make the mistake coming over here seven to 12 days before the fight.

But Samuel Peter, with his managerial team and his promotional team, we've been around long enough to know better. We got over here at least a month ahead of time. We are in 100 percent condition. I've been in great heavyweight fights before. I've trained all different styles of fighters. I’ve trained guys who fight like Samuel Peter, fight like Ernie Shaver. We've got guys who fight like Klitschko, good boxers. Style makes fights. Even if Vitali had never left the ring, at this particular point in time, he cannot beat Samuel Peter.

He's too strong, too powerful, his defense is too good, he's too hungry and too young. That's just the bottom line. Pass the torch on because he can't defeat Samuel Peter. Some reporter actually asked what type of strategy we were going to use? I told him just like the vulture, going straight for the anus. We’re not fooling around. There’s no strategy. We're going straight to fight. I would like to fight Vitali first six rounds then put Wladimir in there for the second six rounds. I'm telling you the truth. I honestly believe that.

Question: Vitali, do you want to comment on that, that the Sam Peter and his camp obviously saying he's a far improved fighter than from when he fought Wladimir a couple of years ago, do you want to comment on that Vitali?

Klitschko: You saw the fight against Wladimir. You saw the fight against McCline. You can decide.

I can't explain if Peter is better or not. I prepare for 100 percent. I know he's a very tough fighter and that's why I prepare very well. That's why I studied his whole career and that's why I know everything about him. My people are everywhere around Germany . That's why you should be careful.

Peter: He's from Ukraine . Freiburg is my city. I have taken over. I will take over wherever I go. I told him already I take over wherever I go. We always take over. We're always ready all the time. Your people will be my people. You never know.

: Sam, what was it like after winning the WBC title and going back to Africa ? What was the reaction there?

Peter: Well, I made my dream come true. My dream was to be the first African, Nigerian to be the heavyweight champion of the world. I made it. I think that dream will stay true because I'm heavyweight champion of the world. He's a good fighter, but I don't know why he's a world champion. I don't know why he says he's a world champion.

When I went back home, everybody embraced me. The president embraced me. Then I was promoted to GE and I was promoted to GPS in Nigerian police. Everybody was so happy for me to come home as t he first Nigerian to become heavyweight champion of the world. I made my dream come true, and I thank God for that.

Question: Sam, style‑wise, would you say Vitali and Wladimir are similar or do they possess different type styles?

Peter: They fight like they're robots. I beat his brother, but give him the fight. That does not matter. They both fight like robots. I'm not a robot. I am skilled fighter and puncher. I do whatever I need to win. I will be ready October 11th. Style‑wise, I'm okay. I'll prove myself again. I'll prove my skill. It only takes one thing to win this fight and I have it. I'm going to beat him.

Question: Vitali, could you talk a little bit about your political career and your aspirations, politics.

Klitschko: I appreciate the chance to travel around the world and to meet many people to help all of this experience. Ukraine is a very young country, a young democracy. Ukraine has great potential. The young people are the future of our country and so many of them have visions. That's why I'm ready to invest for my country so much energy, so many ideas to bring the Ukraine closer to European Union to world union. I know in five or 10 years, Ukraine might be in the European Union, not just geographically but it will be part of the European Union. I know Ukraine has great potential and that's why I spent a lot of time in Ukraine . I believe in my country and I give my country the best of what I can.

Question: Who have you been sparring with for this fight?

Klitschko: The name? It's a secret. It's top secret.

Question: No secrets in boxing.

Klitschko: They want to know everyone.

: I don't want to know who he's sparring. I'm Samuel Peter. I don't want to watch your tape. I don't want to know your sparring fighter. Nobody can fight my style. You said you have a sparring fighter like Samuel Peter. Nobody fights like me. Nobody punches like me. When I punch you, you'll remember you made a mistake. So nobody fight like me. So don't tell me that you have a sparring fighter like me. Nobody fights like me. Nobody's like me.

Gotzev: Exactly. Let me add this to this conversation, because we've been hearing about how well they're preparing in the Alps . Everything is top secret. They’ve installed their little spies in all angles of the Black Forest . You know what, Vitali, here's where it's going to come down, brother. October 11th it's you and Samuel Peter in the ring. There's no friends, there's no companies, nobody out there helping you because for those 12 rounds you better be ready.

Klitschko: Why do you bring these body guards to send Samuel Peter to the Berlin arena? You're afraid of me.

Duva: Vitali, I appreciate it, because honestly I'll expose you in a bad way because you and I had a private conversation in which you went out of line. But that's between you and me. We've got friends, many friends. Europe is where I'm from, buddy. All this country doesn't go up to you. You're a foreigner in this country. And talking to the people in the streets, they're cheering for Samuel Peter. We’re going to go make our own fans because this is Samuel Peter’s time to shine in Europe and in Germany .

Peter: I'm not afraid of anyone except God. I came to this country and I'm taking over this country. So don't think that I'm bringing body guards or anything. Bodyguard, no bodyguard, nobody can get me. I got God on my side.

Boente: We're trembling, the new Robin hood is coming from the Black Forest .

: It's my experience, in 40 years of boxing, either you're going to be a fighter or you're going to be a politician. You can't be both. You going to be a politician you better leave that boxing ring alone. I'll tell you that right now. You have to be a successful fighter. All you have to do is fight. That's what you're supposed to do is be a fighter. You cannot be a fighter, a politician singer, a belly dancer, all the stuff you are trying to be. It’s not going to work in the boxing ring. All we know is fighting. That's what we know. That's what we live for.

Peter: Next time you want to win election, you come and see me. I'll teach him how to do that.

McKinley: That's right, champ. Teach him how to be a politician. You are not a fighter. You're a big amateur, an overgrown amateur. That's all you are. An amateur.

: What specifically have you been working on for this fight, on the defensive side or offensive side?

Peter: I'm moving on to chop the tree down.

McKinley: That's right, champ. Chop a tree down.

Peter: Working out and chopping a tree down, the tree is going to go down.

Question: Where do you see Sam being in the next two or three years?

McKinley: One thing I can promise you is Sam is not looking by this fight. He's not thinking of Wladimir. He's not thinking of the other guys. He's thinking about Vitali and that's it. But as everyone knows, the ultimate goal is for there to be one heavyweight champion, and we believe Sam is the best heavyweight in the world. But he wants to prove it in the ring.

He wants to beat every champion after Vitali and then unify the heavyweight title in the ring. He doesn't want any titles given to him. He doesn't want anybody to step away from him. He wants to get them in the ring and be the universal unified heavyweight champion of the world. That's what I can see in the next two years.

Question: Fighting in Vitali's own backyard, are you in the mind‑set you need a knockout, or are you confident that Sam can go in there win a decision if it goes to 12 rounds?

Peter: It's not going to go long. I'm ready for this fight. I don't see this man stepping up and taking what I have. This is my heavenly.

Gotzev: What people don't give Sam credit for is his boxing skills.

Peter: I'm heavyweight champion of the world. I struggle to be who I am today. People tell me that I don’t have skill. But who is heavyweight champion today? Samuel Peter. What anybody says doesn’t concern me. Samuel Peter is Samuel Peter. I don't want credit from anyone. I'm heavyweight champion of the world today. I'm happy.

McKinley: Keep in mind, he out boxed twice one of the greatest boxers of the past 25 years, James Tony. He's not just a puncher. The man can box, too. He does whatever he has to do to win. And I'll talk about the judges in Germany .

Boente: Even punches you in the back of the head to win.

Peter: It was clean punches on the chin. Everybody says I hit in the back of the head. Why do you turn your head? You're a boxer. Don't turn your head. You bob and weave. It’s a right hand. That's your head.

I'm too fast for them. I don't care. I didn’t hit anybody behind the head. I hit him right point, get to the target.

I don’t need to hit anyone behind the head. If you turn your head I hit you, because that's not your face. A good boxer should bob and weave. Move side to side behind the head.

Boente: Wladimir got hit behind the head a couple of times.

Peter: I'm going to hit you. A real good boxer moves side to side. He bobs and weaves. He doesn’t turn his head. If you turn your head, where do you want me to hit you?

McKinley: That's right. Turn your head, hit him right behind the head.

: Vitali, you turn your head, I'm hitting you, I'm telling you right now.

: Vitali, what do you think about chopping wood? Is that good for a fighter? Does it matter? What is your opinion?

Klitschko: Chopping wood, you know maybe it's good in a movie. If Samuel Peter wants to practice that, I have a lot of land in Siberia , a lot of wood. He’ll get a lot of practice.

McKinley: I have a short story to tell you about chopping wood. I was flying from London once on a flight with Ernie Shaver. Ernie Shaver will go down in history as the most devastating heavyweight puncher ever lived. I asked Ernie when did you discover that you could punch so hard? And he told me when I started chopping wood I found out that my punching power increased twice fold. So don't laugh about this. Vitali, you just don't know the history of boxing. That's what I'm telling you you're an amateur. Don't laugh about chopping wood. When we chop you in the head, you'll see the difference.

Peter: I don't care what they do. This is part of my training that's what I do for a living. I’ll do anything to make sure that I win this fight. It doesn't matter. I’ll chop wood or not chop wood, but I know the big tree is going down on October 11th.

Question: Bernd, if this fight does not go the way you want and Samuel Peter retains his WBC title, would you be willing to have a rematch between Wladimir and Samuel sometime next year to unify all these ‑‑

Boente: Not this year.

Question: When would you set up a rematch?

Boente: This is not going to happen. On October 11th we will have two heavyweight champions with the name Klitschko. That's the answer.

Question: If it doesn't, if something ‑‑

Boente: There's no doubt. I'm always telling the truth. This is the truth.

Closing comments

Duva: This is going to be a tremendous war. I really believe as a fight fan this fight is going to be a great entertaining fight. There's no doubt in my mind Samuel Peter is the best heavyweight in the world. And there's no doubt in my mind he's going to win this fight.

But Vitali Klitschko is an excellent fighter. No one is underestimating Vitali. We respect him. And I'll tell you, Sam is happy that he's fighting Vitali at his home base. He wants to show that it doesn't matter where he fights you, it doesn't matter who it is, he's going to beat you. And I'm just looking forward to it. From a fan's standpoint, it's a great fight. I hope everybody tunes in, if you don't show up at the 02 arena.

McKinley: I'm saying as a trainer, just like Terrell Owens said to the Dallas Cowboys: Get your popcorn ready. Between 1 and 6, this thing is over with.

Gotzev: I think Klitschkos put a monopoly on that whole title, two brothers being champions. That's what everybody's talked about. I understand it's a lifelong dream. And we all know that there are two kinds of dreams. There are the beautiful rosy peachy dreams where you swim in the clouds. They're so nice, and you're happy to be in those dreams. And there are sweaty, scary, horrible nightmares. On October 11th, you'll wake up to the "Nigerian Nightmare."

: You can tell from the fireworks on the call, this is really a great fight. This is probably the best heavyweight match‑up in quite a while. It's going to be exciting, as Stacy said. You really can't miss this from the opening round. You've got Sam Peter, who is a great puncher, and so is Vitali Klitschko. I don't think either one will be running from the other one. You'll see a lot of fireworks.

As far as Gotzev, as far as the dreams, I think the Klitschko brothers will finally achieve their dream. It's good that Samuel Peter at least got to win the heavyweight title one time and now he's just holding it for Vitali. It will be a great fight either way at the O2 arena.

Peter: I might even beat Don King.

Boente: We're looking forward to the fight.

Peter: I just want to thank everybody, especially Dino Duva for making this happen. I'm happy and we're ready to go. I’ll see Vitali Klitschko October 11th.

Klitschko: I'll see you all in two weeks. I want to say thank you very much to everybody. I look forward to it and I’m very happy to fight. Thank you very much for your attention and see you in two weeks in Berlin.


Haye To Fight Barrett

David "Hayemaker" Haye 21-1 (20 KOs) has finally decided the 2 time heavyweight title challenger Monte Barrett 34-6 (20 KO) will be his opponent at the O2 Arena in Greenwich on Nov 15. This decision has came after many possible opponents had been tossed around including the likes of J.D. Chapman, Hasim Rahman, James Toney, and Kevin Johnson. The 10 round fight will be shown live on Setanta Sports. Here are some quotes from both fighters about their future fight...

Haye Quotes

"Barrett is a perfect opponent. He's an exciting heavyweight who always puts up a good fight."

"At the same time, he's also a dangerous heavyweight who has surprised up-and-coming heavyweights. I will take nothing for granted against him. He's been fighting world-class heavyweights and hanging with them for years. When I beat Monte better than anybody has before, people will start to realise I'm serious about becoming world heavyweight champion."

Barrett Quotes

"Haye's caught my attention with all his talk, but he'll be in real deep water coming up to heavyweight, because he's not bringing any power with him. He may bring speed – but he's going to get annihilated when he meets a seasoned, hungry fighter as I am."


Vitali Klitschko Training In Austria

Ahead of his fight with current WBC heavyweight champion Saumuel Peter in Berlin in October, WBC emeritus champion Vitali Klitschko is training in Austria. Here are a couple videos. In the 1st, Vitali Klitschko invited media representatives to a public training in Austria presenting, that he is going strong. The report was broadcast on September 23, 2008 by Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1....

and in the 2nd Vitali gave an interview in Austria. The report was broadcast on September 24, 2008 by Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Klitschko Dream Is Near

It has been the dream of Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko for quite sometime to be reigning heavyweight champions together. They almost had the opportunity back in April 2004. However, as it occurred Wladimir "Steelhammer" Klitschko lost his fight for the vacant WBO heavyweight title to "Relentless" Lamon Brewster on April 4th, 2004 via an unusual 5th round TKO. Just a couple weeks later on April 24th, 2004 his brother Vitali fought Corrie Sanders, who defeated his brother Wladimir, for the vacant WBC heavyweight belt relinquished by Lennox Lewis and won. So, had Wladimir won his fight with Lamon back in April, both brothers would have held heavyweight belts together, assuming of course that Wladimir's win wouldn't have effected Vitali's performance against Sanders which I doubt it would have.

So, flash forward to 2008. Wladimir now holds the WBO, IBO, and IBF(acquired by defeating Sultan Ibragimov in February 2008) belts. Vitali Klitschko is scheduled to face current WBC heavyweight champion Samuel Peter on October 11th 2008, and his brother is scheduled sometime in December to defend his belts against IBF mandatory challenger Alexander Povetkin. But, since the fight with Povetkin occurs after Vitali has his fight, that means if Vitali were to win they would both be reigning champions at heavyweight even if its just for a short while.

So, good luck to Vitali Klitschko on his comeback fight with Samuel Peter in October. Not only would he make a great comeback by defeating Peter, but both brothers will finally make their dream come true.

Vitali Klitschko Invite For Open Training in Austria

Preparing himself for his comeback fight Vitali Klitschko invited journalists to an open training. The report was broadcasted on September 23, 2008 by Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1.

In Vorbereitung auf seinen ersten Kampf nach der Rückkehr ins Profigeschäft lud Vitali Klitschko die Presse zu einem offenen Training ein. Der Beitrag wurde am 23.09.2008 vom ukrainischen fernsehsender 1+1 ausgestrahlt.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gomez Talks About Upcoming Virchis Fight

This Saturday September 27th there will be a fight between 2 up-and-coming heavyweights: Juan Carlos "The Black Panther" Gomez (43-1, 35 KOs) vs. Vladmir Virchis (24-1, 20 KOs). Here's a few questions and answers from Gomez:

Are you planning on approaching Virchis with a tatical game plan?

Yes. I want to box with intelligence but should the knockout present itself, I will take it.

Being that you started you career at cruiserweight and Virchis has spent his entire career at heavyweight, do you feel you have the power to hurt him?

I believe so. I'm feeling very strong right now and through hard work I've put on some solid muscle mass.

Trainers Orlando Cuellar and Moritz Klatten join in....

Orlando Cuellar: Gomez is one of the most skilled fighters in the heavyweight division. As a cruiserweight he was able to dominate on much smaller targets. Now he has bigger targets to hit. Heavyweights hit harder but are much slower. There is no reason for Gomez not to be successful Saturday night.

Moritz Katten: Gomez is much stronger now than when he was a cruiserweight and his endurance is extremely high for a heavyweight.

Virchis has 20 KOs in his 24 wins. Are you worried about how you will hold up with his power?

I'm very aware of his punching power but at the same time I don't plan on getting hit that often but I will hold my own should I have to take some punches.

You've stated in the past that your dream has always been to become heavyweight champion of the world and technically two more wins would get you there. Has that been your motivation in training camp?

Absolutely. I'm so close now and I'm going to put on the best peformance of my career come Saturday night.


Gomez vs Virchis This Saturday

This Saturday September 27th there will be a fight between 2 up-and-coming heavyweights: Juan Carlos "The Black Panther" Gomez (43-1, 35 KOs) vs. Vladmir Virchis (24-1, 20 KOs). This bout is a WBC heavyweight title eliminator to be held at the Color Line Arena, in Hamburg, Germany. Here are a couple of their previous fights:

Vladimir Virchis vs. Adnan Serin

Juan Carlos Gomez vs Mohamed Siluvangi

This is at cruiserweight in defense of his WBC title...

Wladimir Klitschko and Karolina Kurkova

A few comments of Wladimir Klitschko on his relations to Karolína Kurková. The report was broadcast on September 23, 2008 by Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1.

Ein paar kurze Kommentare von Wladimir Klitschko zu seiner Beziehung zum Supermodel Karolína Kurková. Der Beitrag wurde am 23.09.2008 vom ukrainischen Fernsehsender 1+1 ausgestrahlt.

Wladimir Klitschko Talks About Povetkin Fight

While visiting a charity Wladimir Klitschko gave a short comment on his next fight against Alexander Povetkin. The report was broadcast on September 22, 2009 by Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1.

Während des Besuches einer Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltung gab Wladimir Klitschko einen kurzen Kommentar zu seinem nächsten Kampf gegen Alexander Povetkin. Der Beitrag wurde am 22.09.2008 vom ukrainischen Fernsehsender 1+1 ausgestrahlt.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New McFit Ad With Klitschko's

This is the 4th McFit add with the heavyweight boxers Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko. They both are training until the the next morning and neither confesses they are tired.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Williamson Easilly Beats Fox

On Thursday night DaVarryl “Touch of Sleep” Williamson (25-5, 21) easily defeated Cerrone Fox (8-9) via 2nd round TKO when the corner had seen enough of the battering that Williamson gave Fox for the 1st 2 rounds.

Williamson Quotes

“It felt good to get a win back under my belt and now I’m looking for something significant. Golota needs a dance partner in November, Valuev is looking for someone to defend against in December, I’d welcome a rematch versus Meehan, or I hear David Haye is still trying to put an opponent on lockdown Any of those guys would make me happy. I just want to fight and work my way into one last shot.”

I like Williamson, and hope he can make it back to the top to showcase his skills sometimes soon.


Donald Wants Haye

Believe it or not there's another fighter who wants David "Hayemaker" Haye ahead of Haye's planned fight in December in which currently has no opponent and thats Larry “The Legend” Donald. Other fighters who Haye has mentioned in possibly fighting are James Toney, Kevin Johnson, Eddie Chambers, Hasim Rahman, and J.D. Chapman.

Donald On Fighting Haye

“David Haye is a good fighter at cruiserweight but let’s see how he can go up against a real heavyweight."

"I have been in with some of the best true heavyweights in the world and showed many times that I am on the same level, when I fought Evander Holyfield I was the underdog and I won, when I fought Valuev I was also the underdog and I felt that I won that fight as did many people around the world.”

“It has been a year since my last fight but I have been training the entire time and I am at my fighting weight already and could fight tommorow if I had to, I am prepared already for this fight, David Haye is the one that I want.”

Donald On Mercer's Chances With Haye

“Ray is a great fighter and person, I respect him to the fullest but I think that his straight ahead style is perfect for David Haye and my style is much more challenging and difficult for David. David Haye says that he wants a top guy and a challenge, well if you want a challenge David I am right here, I can box, I can bang and I will fight any one, any day and David Haye is the the guy that I want right now."

Donald Thinks He Is Haye's Ideal Opponent

"All of the fighters that Haye has been talking about fighting are good fighters but I think that I am the one that can challenge him the most and if he wants a fight against a real heavyweight and really wants a good challeging fight then I am here and the fight wont be hard to make, just call my manager Michael Doss and let’s get it on!”


Friday, September 19, 2008

Vladimir Virchis Q & A

Fighting for the WBC heavyweight eliminator this September 27th against Juan Carlos Gomez, Vladimir Virchis recently answered a few questions:

How is your conditioning?

I feel great. I'm fit as ever and highly motivated. This is the result of more than nine weeks of hard work with my coach Conny Mittermeier.

How do you assess Juan Carlos Gomez?

I have respect for all of my opponents. The only important thing for me that I neither underestimate or overestimate them.

Where does the nickname "The Hunter" come from?

I was once hunting with a few friends in the Ukraine. When we standing together in a group, I held my gun with the barrel down. Suddenly a shot accidentally fired and splinters of the bullet unfortunately slightly injured some bystanders. Since then I've never hunted, but soon after I had the nickname "The Hunter."

The fight on Saturday is a heavyweight eliminator and the winner will fight for the WBC world championship belt against the winner between Samuel Peter and Vitali Klitschko - is this your big chance?

Yes, of course, I can beat both of them. But first on September 27th is the biggest and most important fight of my career against the "Black Panther." And logically, "the Hunter" will bring down "The "Panther." Quite simply I'll knock him out!


Virchis vs Gomez September 27th

In a WBC heavyweight eliminator for the winner of the October 1th fight between Vitali Klitschko and current WBC champion Samuel Peter, Vladimir "The Hunter" Virchis (24-1-0, 20 KOs) is fighting former world champion "The Black Panther" Juan Carlos Gomez (43-1-0, 35 KO) on September 27th in Hamburg, Germany.

Klitschko vs Povetkin December 13th

The WBO/IBF/IBO heavyweight championship clash between current champion Wladimir "Steelhammer" Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin will occur on December 13th with K2 Promotions winning the purse bid to hold the fight in Germany.

Prdiction: Look for Wladimir to make a big statement when he knocks out Povetkin inside 6 rounds.

New Videos From RadioHamburg

The following videos are from and show interviews of current WBO/IBF/IBO Wladimir "Steelhammer" Klitschko. In the 1st video he does a magic trick with a cigarette.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Klitschko vs Povetkin By K2 Promotions

With $13,13 million K2’s vs Sauerland’s bid of $8,11 K2 promotions(owned by Wladimir & Vitali Klitschko) has recently won the purse bid to hold the fight for the WBO/IBF/IBO heavyweight championship between current champion Wladimir "Steelhammer" Klitschko and challenger Alexander Povetkin.

Wladimir Klitschko Quotes

“I am very happy that we won the bid. It is always good to control your fights and obtain the TV rights. The fight will be shown live on HBO in the US. The US market is very important to me and I have lot of fans there.”


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mercer Knows He Can Beat Haye

This is a new interview of former Olympic gold medalist and former WBO champion "Merciless" Ray Mercer by James Slater in which Mercer talks about how he knows he can beat former cruiserweight champion turned heavyweight David "Hayemker' Haye. Ray's record currently stands at 36 wins (KO 26), 7 losses (KO 2) and 1 draw.

James Slater: It's great to talk with you, Ray. Straight to business, you want David Haye?

Ray Mercer: Absolutely. I just want the opportunity, I want to show the world that I'm still alive and that I can still do it. I think I'd be perfect for him because he's a tough guy, I'm a tough guy and I have a name. Half of these guys that are in the top-ten, I know I can knock them out..

J.S: Apparently, Haye can only fight a top-ten ranked heavyweight. I know you and your team are trying to get you ranked in the WBO top-ten. Do you think that will happen for you?

R.M: I really don't know - I'm hoping. I want this fight and this opportunity, I'm willing to do anything to get it.

J.S: I'm not in possession of all the facts when it comes to the money, but I heard J.D Chapman, who has reportedly turned down the Haye fight, was offered approx $140,000. Would you take the fight for that kind of money?

R.M: I'd take the fight for almost anything. I know I can beat him and I want the chance to prove it. I want to do what George Foreman did, and to do that I have to beat some top rated guys. David Haye is perfect for me. The money isn't really an issue with me right now. I know that when I win this fight, I can go on and earn big money later on.

J.S: Have you seen tapes of Haye in action?

R.M: Yes, I have. He seems a strong fighter, he's young. But he's not experienced like me. I really feel my experience will get me over against a guy like Haye. I'm a smarter fighter now. I never really trained like I should have, but I do now. I train smarter and I fight smarter. Haye hits hard and I hit hard. I know it's going to be tough, but I know I can beat him.

J.S: Ray, the critics will ask, how can you deal with the guy's speed?

R.M: With my experience. I know how to slip and slide punches. Plus, I'm not that slow myself. I just beat a guy [Richel Hersisia] who was supposed to be quick, and I out-smarted him. If I do this right and he [Haye] makes one mistake in the fight, he'll go. The power is the last thing to go [on a fighter] and I'm still pretty quick myself. I'm in shape right now. As a matter of fact I'm going to train in a couple of hours.

J.S: And you'd have no problem getting on a plane and coming to England for the fight?

R.M: I would love the chance to come to England and fight, that's one thing I've never done yet.

J.S: You've already had a great career. You won an Olympic medal and you fought all the top guys, like Tommy Morrison, Bert Cooper, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis etc. What's kept you in the sport so long?

R.M: I never really got the respect I should have got. I was never the best I could be. I never put serious effort into training like I should have done - I don't know if you've already heard this? But I train properly now. I really believe I'm a better fighter now than I was back in the day. I'm smarter now.

J.S: Out of all the tough guys you faced, who gave you your toughest fight?

R.M: My toughest fight? Bert Cooper. I was in the hospital for two days after that fight. I was dehydrated and my lip was split. They don't have heavyweight fights like that today. My manager always told me - 'If he hits you once, make sure you hit him back three times'. Bert Cooper was my toughest fight, but my most disappointing fight was my fight with Lennox Lewis. That was in my home country, two Olympic gold medallists, and I felt I definitely won. As a matter of fact, though he never told me I beat him, he told me I gave him his toughest ever fight. This year, we we're both commentating on ESPN, and he told me I was his toughest opponent.

J.S: So you went to hospital after the Bert Cooper fight, which you won after 12 rounds of non-stop fighting. What must Cooper have felt like afterwards!?

R.M: We were in the same hospital at the same time getting our stitches put in. We were in the same room talking! You're right, that was 12 rounds of non-stop fighting.

J.S: I must say, Ray, and I don't want to get personal - but you seem in great shape after all the great and tough fights you've given us. Your speech is perfect and you have all your faculties. Some fighters, you can tell they're worse for wear after the hard fights they've had, but not you.

R.M: Thank you. I started late in my boxing career. I was 28, and I've not really had that many fights, I've only had 44 fights. Also, I've never really had too many wars. So I should be the way I am.

J.S: It's great that you can give such a great interview too. Just talking again about your glory years, there was one fight you never got that you really wanted - against Mike Tyson...

R.M: (answering quickly) Yeah, Mike Tyson. I wanted that fight real bad. I signed a contract, I signed my contract and started training. But Tyson never signed. That was his way, he would always pull out if he knew you were in shape, that was Tyson all over. That hurt me bad, me not getting that fight. I actually cried when Buster Douglas beat him. That was what I was supposed to do. We both had basically the same style. So all these years later when I'm talking to you, I'm talking about what might have been, I'm still talking about Mike Tyson. I wish I was telling you how it was, not how it might have been.

J.S: And that's another reason you want to fight Haye, by beating him you'll get some of the respect you never got?

R.M: Exactly. I know I can beat him. My experience will tell the story, and I'll be in great shape also.

J.S: You were, and still are, a guy known for having a great chin. Do you feel you'll be able to take anything Haye can land?

R.M: I can still take it. I can tell you, to this day I've never been down from a shot to the chin. Shannon Briggs put me down with a rabbit punch to the back of the head. I can take it to the chin and I can take it to the head. But I don't know anybody who can take it to the back of the head the way Shannon hit me.

J.S: It's been a privilege talking to you Ray. You gave us so many thrilling fights to remember in the 1990s and I think you deserve the chance to go out in a blaze of glory, so I hope you get the fight with Haye. You at least want the fight, whereas some other younger guys don't seem to want it. Just before you go, what would you say was your finest ever win - the one you're most proud of?

R.M: I'd like to thank you for the interview also. My best ever win was the stoppage win over Francesco Damiani, when I won the WBO title. He was whupping my ass good for eight rounds, and every time I went back to the corner I told myself I'd catch him. And I did. I caught him with that 45-degree angle jab/uppercut that broke his nose. That along with the win over Bert Cooper was my best ever.


Kevin Kingpin Johnson Training

This is a video showing Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson training. He seems pretty charismatic and would make and interesting fight with David Haye if nothing else on the verbal level leading up to the actual fight on November 15th. Kevin is ranked #15 by the WBC, not ranked at the top by the IBF, WBO, or RING rankings, and #7 by the WBA.

He seems to have pretty good skills from this video and from his record of 20 wins (KO 7) + 0 losses (KO 0) + 1 draw = 21. He stands 6'3" tall and his last fight was in May against Bruce Seldon which he won via 5th round TKO. So he should be in shape.

I think this would make the ideal opponent for David Haye in November on so many different levels. But will this fight go through or will David take J.D. Chapman or someone else instead? If Haye is looking for someone with a better ranking then he'll go with J.D Chapman, but I think Johnson would make a better hyped fight, which is what Haye wants to showcase his skills to get the draw against Wladimir Klitschko in the future.

Johnson Traning

J.D. Chapman Interview

This is a video of an older interview of an opponent tossed around for David Haye's fight on November 15th 2008 J.D. "The Natural" Chapman. He talks about how he wants to step up his level of opposition, and hasn't fought since February 2008.

Based on available rankings he is not ranked by the IBF in the top 15, not ranked in the RING magazine top 10, ranked #13 by the WBC, #9 by the WBA, #7 by the WBO, but according to, he is ranked 48 in the U.S. and 114 in the world. He is 6'5" undefeated heavyweight with a record of: 29 wins (KO 26) + 0 losses (KO 0) + 0 draws = 29. I think Kevin Johnson or Hasim Rahman would make a better 1st fight for Haye. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bunce Criticizes American Heavyweights

After J.D. Chapman failed to show up for a news press conference for a November 15th fight against David "Hayemaker" Haye, Steve Bunce has a major rant over American heavyweights.

It appears Kevin Johnson denies asking for too much money, and that the J.D. Chapman fight may still be on. This is according to Johnson himself and Chapman's promoter.

Kevin Johnson Wonders Why Haye Fight Isn't Happening

James Slater recently had an interview with the 28 year old Kevin Johnson about Haye's remarks that Kevin Johnson as an opponent has been ruled out because he wanted too much money. Here's how the interview went:

James Slater: I appreciate your time, Kevin. Can you clarify the situation with the David Haye fight? His side say you asked for too much money, your side say he got cold feet after seeing tapes of you in action. What do you have to say?

Kevin Johnson: Oh, this fight should be happening. With you telling me the fight's off, I'll be having to make some calls of my own right after I talk to you! I mean, I thought the fight was on, I was getting ready to go to training camp to get ready!. It wasn't about money, I wasn't getting a whole lot anyway. I mean me going over to the UK made it a case of me giving up the lion's share of the purse anyway.

J.S: So you'd still take the fight then?

K.J: The fight should be on, it's his end you have to ask, my end's done. My promoter, Joe DeGuardia, wasn't asking for much money and we wanted the fight. I think the guy called me out and started running his mouth before he really knew who I was. I knew he'd turn me down. I'm real upset, it would have been a great fight. It's good going in against a guy who thinks he's a killer. It's easy fighting a little woman like David Haye! He knows he cant beat me, he knows he can't knock me out, and he knew I was coming to England to win. No way was I gonna come over to England just for a decision!

J.S: We hear it may be J.D Chapman for Haye now...

K.J: Of course he's gonna fight J.D Chapman, 'cos that's an easy fight for him. J.D Chapman don't have anything on his resume like me. Neither does Haye.

J.S: I assume you have seen tapes of Haye, what do you think of him as a fighter?

K.J: I've never seen him , but I know there isn't one fighter out there who can beat me. Like I say, I want this fight bad, you're telling me this news now. He did ok as a cruiserweight but his chins is very suspect - that's well known.

J.S: There's no way then that you asked for more money?

K.J: No way. I know there's no point in messing with pennies when the winner of this fight would be a rich man anyway. The winner of this fight would have walked into a millionaire situation and a title shot. So it wasn't about money at all. I'm willing to go face-to-face with him on camera and say everything I'm saying to you now. I've given you my personal number, my home number, you call me any time and I'll tell it like it is. My whole world is boxing, I'm in the gym 24-7 and I know I'm gonna reach the top. It don't seem like Haye has the heart to look at the sport of boxing like I look at it. I want this fight bad. I'm on a roll, we might as well keep it going, you know? My world is boxing, I eat and - forgive my language - I shit boxing! You've never seen me tired in a fight, you've never seen me get staggered, you've never seen me get out-boxed. I'm the best kept secret in boxing!

J.S: If you don't get Haye, what next for you instead?

K.J: There's a lot on the table for me, but at the same time I'll be very upset if I don't get this fight. All Haye's talk about going straight after Wladimir Klitschko, that was just erratic talk, he was blowing smoke. I mean, I plan on destroying Klitschko one day, but at the same time, even though I hate the way he fights, he a nice person and he's achieved a lot. You can't just dismiss all what he's done like Haye is trying to.

J.S: In many eyes you are the best unbeaten American heavyweight. Do you feel pressure to become the world champion and bring a belt back to the U.S?

K.J: Shit! The 'hood was what brought me pressure when I was growing up. That was pressure each and every day. No, I don't feel no pressure today. I'm like a kid in candy store, going through these heavyweights one by one, getting my candy! Haye don't have my heart, he has money, think about it, he's with Golden Boy, but he isn't looking at boxing the same way I am.

J.S: In your last fight you stopped Bruce Seldon. Was that your best performance so far do you think?

K.J: It was the best performance in regards to the right hand. In my fight with Robert Hawkins I threw three right hands the whole fight - I won with just my jab. But in the Seldon fight I had to get a stoppage win. I'd have been crucified even more than I already have been if I didn't stop him.

J.S: Do the critics who say you can't punch hard annoy you?

K.J: Well, think about it; Ali and Holmes never got the credit until they were at the top. That's the way it is, you don't get the credit until you get to the top. So I'm not worried because I know I'll get there. And when I do I'd like to talk to all these critics who have been saying things about me. Let's see what they have to say then.

J.S: It's been great speaking with you, Kevin. Any final word on the Haye fight?

K.J: I wish I was in the U.K right now, that way I could clear up all this talk from Haye and his team. Turn the fight down? I've never turned down a fight in my life! If he fights me he'll be 21-2, no doubt.

I think Kevin Johnson should be the fight that Haye should go for. Although Johnson hasn't been truly tested, he is an undefeated, up-and-coming heavyweight, and would make a more exciting fight than other possibilities thrown out there in the past such as Hasim Rahman, James Toney, and J.D. Chapman.


Haye Discusses Chapman No-Show

This is a new video where David "Hayemaker" Haye discusses his planned upcoming fight and about J.D "The Natural" Chapman not showing up at a news press conference where he was supposed to announce his November fight at the 02 Arena in London.

Haye Most Likely To Face Chapman In November

Haye's manager David Booth has recently stated that the planned 1st opponent Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson asked for too much money and will not be the 1st opponent for David "Hayemaker" Haye in November.

J.D. "The Natural" Chapman was supposed to be the next opponent for Haye on November 15th, but didn't show up at a news press conference so it was assumed that he pulled out as well. This would have made 3 total fighters who have backed out of a potential clash with David Haye in recent days.

But, according to promoter Richard Schaefer the fight should still go through. This is what Schaefer said:

"I have a pretty good feeling that J.D Chapman will accept the fight. I've spoke to his people. I'm pretty confident J.D Chapman will show up on November 15th."

Haye Quotes

"He comes to brawl[Chapman]. I haven't seen his fights but I liked the sound of him. He hadn't fought anyone but he had never been knocked down. I love the thought of fighting a guy who is the same size as [Wladimir] Klitschko. I hope we can shame him out of his hole and he'll come and fight."

David Booth Quotes

"He didn't get on the flight. He said, 'I'm not coming to England to get knocked out.' This after agreeing a substantial amount of money. He is the third opponent in four days to agree terms and then to pull out. These opponents are running away from a supposedly chinny cruiserweight. Hopefully his balls will drop again and he will take the fight. We've got three more [names]. I'm not telling you who. There is some strategic interference going on. This is boxing. I'm not going to mention their names because I'm hoping they will come back to me. We went after Kevin Johnson but he over-negotiated his position."

Whoever Dave chooses he better get the fight set up quick if he wants to have a November 15th fight. Hopefully it ends up being Kevin Johnson, because that to me would be a better fight than an untested Chapman.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Solis Ko's Van Sickle

3 time amateur champion and 2004 Olympic Gold medalist continues his path to a title shot at heavyweight by beating United States veteran Chad Van Sickle in 98 seconds of the 1st round by implementing a hard body shot.

Quotes From Solis' Promoter Ahmet Öner

“The opponent was simply not strong enough for Odlanier. He will face stronger opposition in the future. Still it was a very impressive victory. Odlanier came back from an injury and he did it with style. On October 11th he will be back in action on the Vitali Klitschko-Samuel Peter under card. And I think next year he is ready for the world title.”

Quotes From Solis' Coach Orlando Cuellar

“Solis got great power, great hand speed and a fantastic eye for the situation. He is special and I’m sure that he is already one of the best in the world. He is ready to become heavyweight champion of the world.”

Look forward to seeing Solis fighting again soon on the Vitali Klitschko-Samuel Peter undercard on October 11th..


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Audley Harrison Interview

This is a new interview from Setanta Sports where Audley Harrison proclaims he will be heavyweight champion sometime in 2009.

I honestly don't see Audley beating any of the current champions now. What do you think?

Arias Interview After Harrison Fight

Connie Henry talks with George Arias after his controversial loss to British heavyweight Audley Harrison on September 6th, 2008. Arias tells Connie Henry Harrison will never be a World Champion.

Harrison Interview After Arias Fight

After a controversial decision win for Audley Harrison over George Arias on September 6th, 2008, Connie Henry spoke to British Heavyweight Audley Harrison who says he's well on track to getting a World Title in 2009.

Friday, September 12, 2008

John Hopoate Wins Australian Heavyweight Title

A former rugby league player John Hopoate won the Australian heavyweight title by TKO on Wednesday when former champion Bob Mirovic threw in the towel after a sequence of heavy hits and knockdowns in the 9th round of their title fight.

This is a great victory for him since he took up boxing only 3 years ago when the National Rugby League --club Manly-- tore up his contract after he was banned for 17 matches for a severe tackle that left an opponent bleeding from his ears and with a concussion.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

WBC Heavyweight Rankings August 2008

Current Heavyweight Boxing Champions

WON TITLE: March 8, 2008
LAST DEFENCE: no defense yet
LAST COMPULSORY: March 8, 2008
WBA CHAMPION: Nicolai Valuev (Russia)
IBF CHAMPION: Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine)
WBO CHAMPION: Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine)

1 .- Vladimir Virchis (Ukraine)
2 .- Juan Carlos Gomez (Cuba)
3 .- Alexander Dimitrenko (Ukraine)
4 .- Chris Arreola (US) AMERICA
5 .- David Haye (GB)
6 .- Oleg Maskaev (Kazakhstan)
7 .- Andrew Golota (Poland)
8 .- James Toney (US)
9 .- Kali Meehan (New Zealand)
10 .- Travis Walker (US) NABF
11 .- Sinan Samil Sam (Turkey) MEDITERRANEAN
12 .- Donnell Holmes (US)
13 .- JD Chapman (US) USNBC
14 .- Carl Davis Drummond (Costa Rica) FECARBOX
15 .- Kevin Johnson (US)

16 .- Odlanier Solis (Cuba) LATINO
17 .- Hasim Rahman (US)
18 .- Denis Boytsov (Russia)
19 .- Paolo Vidoz (Italy)
20 .- Oliver McCall (US)
21 .- Eddie Chambers (US)
22 .- Joe Mesi (US)
23 .- Oleg Platov (Ukraine)
24 .- Monte Barrett (US)
25 .- David Rodriguez (US)
26 .- Friday Ahunanya (Nigeria)
27 .- Francesco Pianeta (Italy) YOUTH
28 .- Malik Scott (US)
29 .- Jameel McCline (US)
30 .- Brian Minto (US)
31 .- Bermane Stiverne (Canada)
32 .- Manuel Quezada (US) CABOFE
33 .- Taras Bidenko (Ukraine)
34 .- Joseph Chingangu (Zambia) ABU
35 .- Jason Estrada (US)
36 .- Danny Williams (GB)
37 .- Dennis Bakhtov (Russia) ABCO
38 .- Carlos Takam (Cameroon)
39 .- Gonzalez Omar Basile (Argentina)
40 .- Zuri Lawrence (US)

Alexander Povetkin (Russia) * NA - IBF
Tony Thompson (US)
John Ruiz (P. Rico) * NA - WBA
Luan Krasniqi (Germany) * NA - Medical
Lamon Brewster (US) * NA - Medical
Evander Holyfield (US) *NA - WBO
Shannon Briggs (US) * NA - Medical
Sergey Lyakhovich (Belarussia)
Ray Austin (US)
Matt Skelton (GB)
Sultan Ibragimov (Russia)

*will be updated monthly August was their last update

IBF Heavyweight Rankings August 2008

Current Heavyweight Boxing Champions

IBF : Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine
WBO : Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine
WBA : Vacant **
WBC : Sam Peter Nigeria

CHAMPION Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine

1 Alexander Povetkin Russian Federation
3 Alexander Dimitrenko Ukraine
4 Hasim Rahman United States
5 Sultan Ibragimov United States
6 Oleg Maskaev Kazakhstan
7 Chris Arreola United States
8 Eddie Chambers United States
9 Andrew Golota Poland
10 James Toney United States
11 Kali Meehan Australia
12 Sinan Samil Sam Turkey
13 Tony Thompson United States
14 Travis Walker United States
15 Shane Cameron Australia

*Will be updated monthly August 2008 is their last update
** In August it was vacant because their rankings were before Nicolai Valuev won the WBA strap by defeating John Ruiz on August 30th 2008

WBO Heavyweight Rankings August 2008

Current Heavyweight Boxing Champions

IBF : Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine
WBO : Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine
WBA : Vacant **
WBC : Sam Peter Nigeria

CHAMPION: Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine

1 Alexander Dimitrenko (Int-Cont) UKR
2 Alexander Povetkin RUS
3 David Haye GB
4 Chris Arreola USA
5 Travis Walker USA
6 Vladimir Virchis UKR
7 J.D. Chapman USA
8 Shane Cameron (Asia-Pacific) (Oriental) NZ
9 Monte Barrett USA
10 Denis Boytsov RUS
11 Brian Minto USA
12 Tony Thompson USA
13 Kali Meehan AUST
14 Donell Holmes USA
15 Friday Ahunanya NIG

*will be updated monthly August was the WBO's last update
** At the end of August after their rankings were done Nicolai Valuev won the WBA heavyweight belt by defeating John Ruiz on August 30th, 2008

WBA Heavyweight Rankings July 2008

Current Heavyweight Boxing Champions

WBA : Vacant **
IBF : Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine
WBO : Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine
WBC : Sam Peter Nigeria

WBA Rankings

CHAMPION : Vacant **

1 Nicolai Valuev Russian Federation
2 John Ruiz United States
3 Kali Meehan AUS
4 Taras Bidenko UKR
5 Alexander Dimitrenko UKR
6 Andrew Golota POL
7 Kevin Johnson USA
8 Sergei Liakhovich BUR
9 J.D Chapman United States
10 Carl Davis Drumond C.R.
11 Chris Arreola United States
12 Sinan Samil Sam TUR
13 Davaryll Williamson United States
14 Dennis Bakhtov RUS
15 Brian Minto USA

*Will be updated monthly July 2008 is their last update
** As of August 2008 Nicolai Valuev became WBA champion by defeating John Ruiz, but as of now, July 2008 is the only up-to-date ranking given by the WBA organization

Ring Magazine Heavyweight Rankings September 2008

Ring Magazine Heavyweight Boxing Rankings

Current Champions

IBF : Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine
WBO : Wladimir Klitschko Ukraine
WBA : Nicolai Valuev Russia
WBC : Sam Peter Nigeria

Ring Magazine CHAMPION: No Champion


**updated monthly

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mesi Wins Party Nomination For NY State Senate

Heavyweight boxer "Baby" Joe Mesi, 34, has recently defeated Michele Iannello and Daniel Ward for the Democratic party candidate to replace former retiring Republican Mary Lou Rath. The NY Senate election will be held on November 4th. Mesi is looking to bring more job to his Senate district which encompasses Genesee County and part of Erie County.

As a boxer Joe was 34-0, and is not officially retired. His last bout was on Oct. 12, 2007. By entering the political arena he joins other boxers such as fellow heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko who has ran twice for mayor of Kiev, Ukraine, and Manny Pacquiao lost a congressional bid in his home country of the Philippines last year.


Vitali Klitschko Highlights

This is a video dedicated to Dr. "Ironfist" Vitali Klitschko showing his heavyweight boxing career highlights ahead of his WBC championship fight with Sam Peter in October.

Wladimir Klitschko Steel Hammer KO'S

This is a 3 minute 36 second video showcasing some of the current WBO/IBF/IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir "Steelhammer" Klitschko's best knockouts. Enjoy!

Haye Having Problems Finding Opponent

In this video former cruiserweight champion David Haye talks about his recent problems of a boxer pulling out of a fighting him to start what he believes to be his heavyweight domination.

Haye Interview Part 1

Haye Interview Part 2

Other Klitschko News....

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